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Invent a Secure Access Ring for the Metaverse

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Token has invented a 5 Factor Authentication Security Ring.

Our data and digital identity is at risk of getting stolen by cybercriminals! Luckily, Token Ring has developed a solution - The Token 5 Factor Authentication Security Ring. It uses biometrics to scan your finger print and to verify you are you. But that's only one factor, there are 4 more levels of security Token has built into a small and convenient Ring that is the best possible way to protect your self online.

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How will people stay cyber safe in the Metaverse?

Shawn Mendes, Logan Paul, Blackpink, Microsoft, Apple, Meta and others are all beginning to create their own Meta Worlds inside the Metaverse. These worlds offer it’s citizens access to private concerts, celebrity meet and greets, exclusive product drops, virtual tourism, co-working spaces, gaming rooms, NFT art galleries, and much more. With this new world of virtual experiences comes many opportunities to invent solutions for how people will securely access these Metaworlds.

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How will people safely store their online collections?

As more people begin to enter the Metaverse there are more and more cool places to explore and unique things to collect. Nike has just launched it’s first fully virtual collection of shoes for Metaverse Avatars. Nyla Hayes, the creator of the Long Neckie NFT Collection, just released some new NFT’s to hang on your virtual walls. Space popular just dropped a new space dessert cafe to hangout in. With all of these collectable items, there is an opportunity to invent new ways for people to hold and transport these digital items both in the digital and physical world.

your mission
Your mission is to use Token Ring’s technology, to invent a first of its kind Metaverse Access Ring that will give people secure entry to Metaworlds, and experiences within them.
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Kevin Surace

Kevin is a prolific entrepreneur who has led many companies to success. Currently he is the Chair of Token Ring, which is one of many of his endeavors. He is also a gifted music conductor.

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