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Can Seaweed
Replace Plastic ???

SOURCE - notpla

Notpla is on a Mission to Make Plastic Disappear.

Notpla has developed materials made out of seaweed and natural plants that can replace plastic with an ultra bio-degradable alternative! So far, they have invented a series of seaweed products that replace plastic in food packaging, cosmetics, pharmacy packaging, and more. However, to create their patented Notpla Seaweed material, a lot of the seaweed they harvest is wasted...

SOURCE - notpla

80% of the Seaweed is wasted after processing.

During the seaweed extraction process, 80% of the seaweed Notpla uses to make their materials goes to waste. One packaging supplier alone can generate 12 tonnes of waste per day! With this challenge of what to do with the waste, the material designers and scientists at Notpla have invented a new “Hard Material” that uses the waste material to make a hard plastic alternative.

your mission
Your mission, is to find a business that is creating plastic waste with one of their products, and use Notpla's "Hard Material" to design a Seaweed alternative. Then, create a business plan that describes how this new product will improve the environment, and their business!
case sponsor

Marta Quintana

Marta is a Junior Commercial Associate at Notpla who is passionate about creating sustainable products that are healthy for the world. She grew up in Spain and speaks Spanish, English, and French.

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