team roles

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is responsible for making sure all deliverables are completed on time and the team functions efficiently. They are observant and will notice teammates strengths and weaknesses to ensure team members strengths are fully utilized. They will inspire the team to accomplish greatness, and challenge them to over-come the impossible. The CEO will help wherever is needed, and they will not boss from the top, but instead lead from the front.

Chief Innovation Officer

The CIO is responsible for leading the team to create an “out-of-the-box” innovative design that both delights the customer and meet their needs. They will lead brainstorm sessions and work with the marketing team to research the target users, design a product with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, and push the industry forward in new and creative ways. They will work closely with the CTO to lead the product design.

Chief Technology Officer

Your job is to get inside the minds of users/customers and get "insights" about what they really care about. You will be an advocate for the customer in all the team meetings, conduct user surveys to learn more about your customers, and discover useful information for the Marketing Team. This is a person that likes to talk to people!

Chief Marketing Officer

The CMO will analyze market size and determine who the customer is and why they will buy the product. They will lead the team in deciding how to reach their target market and what the main marketing message will be. They will do market research and create strategies to be disruptive in a highly competitive market.

Chief Sales Officer

The CSO will work with the team to figure out how & where to sell the product so customers can buy it at the “best price”. They will learn about what makes customers buy and they will create both a short term and long term sales strategy to get the company off the ground and growing.

Chief Finance Officer

The CFO will work with the team to figure out how much it will cost to make your product, collaborate with the sales officer to decide how much to sell it for, and finally calculate your profit margin - the amount of money your team will earn.